Natalia Sylvester

This week I interview Natalia Sylvester about her new book, Everyone Knows You Go Home. She’s an incredible writer and I recommend that everyone check it out. You can follow Natalia on Twitter (@NataliaSylv), and find out more about her at If you like the show, be sure to become a patron over at

REDIRECT: Alyssa Milano

This week Matthew and I are joined by actress and activist Alyssa Milano to discuss the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, and her immigration activism (Also, is there a Charmed reunion in the mix?)

She is incredibly engaged in the fight for immigrant rights, and it was an honor to talk to her. Alyssa talks about the Vera Institute of Justice (, which is raising money to provide quality legal representation to immigrants in removal proceedings. Be sure to check them out.

If you’re not already, follow Alyssa on Twitter @Alyssa_Milano

REDIRECT: Hearing Dates and Kids in Cages

This week we’re joined by Matthew Hoppock to discuss the failure of ICE in complying with the law and the Supreme Court. Shrug.

You can check out Matthew’s work over at

Matthew and I also discuss how we’re locking more and more kids up in cages, and where that money is coming from. The answer . . . depressingly might not surprise you.

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REDIRECT: Passport Denied

This week we’re joined by Jodi Goodwin to talk about passport denials along the border. What’s going on, and is it really something new? Jodi has been practicing immigration law along the border since 1996. Now she can say she’s been on REDIRECT, a huge honor for her. Don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Facebook, and to become a patron over at!

REDIRECT: AILA and Avenatti

This week Matthew and I are joined by Ben Johnson, the Executive Director of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). We ask Ben all the tough questions, but he makes a great case for AILA, and he also happens to have a tremendous podcast voice.

Matthew and I also discuss Jeff Sessions’ latest attack on the immigration courts, and Michael Avenatti, hero of the resistance.

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