Manufacturing the News

For those who listened to last week’s Coast to Coast (all tens of you), you’ll remember that the Fox and Friends crew were nominated for the Golden Cantaloupe for their wild speculation that ISIS was hanging out in Ciudad Juarez waiting to attack the United States. You can listen to that sound here. Our friends over at Fox were citing this Judicial Watch blog post, which cites no real facts or actual sources.

Cut to today when Elisabeth Hasselbeck had on Texas Sheriff Gary Painter. Take a listen:


When Ms. Hasselbeck asks what the Sheriff has been hearing, he essentially repeats the reporting Fox has been doing based on the flimsy Judicial Watch blog. For those following along at home, manufacturing news looks a little something like this:

1. Find a person, blog, letter, or article that supports your agenda (in this case, the Judicial Watch blog).

2. Instead of vetting the article, researching independently, or doing any work whatsoever, report the source as fact.

3. Have people on your show to echo back your previous reporting.

Well look at that, it’s news!