REDIRECT: Pimps, Prostitutes and Illegals

This week Matthew and I sit down to digest last week’s Republican debate. Spoiler alert: it gave us indigestion.

Here’s the Donald Face (TM) I mention. This is the face Trump thinks smart people make when they’re thinking about things and being super serious:


You’ve got to furrow your brow, make a kind of duck face, and nod incessantly. Brilliant.

Also, Dan Cadman from CIS joins us to talk this recent report.

Dan says that lack of cultural assimilation by immigrants is a serious problem. They don’t really have a way to quantify that, nor is there any evidence to suggest it’s true, nor is there any evidence to suggest it’s even important, but it’s something we should all be scared and worried about for sure.


REDIRECT: Drug Wars and Sanctuary Cities


Guy Lawson

This week Guy Lawson joins us to talk about the ongoing drug war in Mexico. Guy is a journalist and author who covered the subject extensively for Rolling Stone. Even though his work on the subject is a few years old, the “escape” of El Chapo shows us that sometimes the more things change the more they stay the same.

Guy’s newest book, Arms and the Dudes, is available in a bookstore near you and (spoiler alert) it’s awesome. Guy also makes an excellent follow on facebook, so check him out.


Also joining us is Cesar Hernandez of We talk about sanctuary cities in light of the recent events in San Francisco.

Matthew and I also dig into some of the more wonky immigration news, for example, Donald Trump’s terrible hats. Enjoy!



07/25/2015: The Week in Review

Wow, what a week in immigration.

Last week Matthew and I talked about Donald Trump and how his whole existence teeters between “depressing” and “hilarious.” I’ve decided to quantify this with an official DONALD SCALE (TM):


For example, when I’m driving to work and I hear people in my community call the local AM talk radio station to talk about how Donald Trump has “tapped in to something important,” and that he’s “in touch with the real” America, that’s a -8 on the Donald Scale. Very, very depressing.

When Donald Trump gives out Lindsay Graham’s telephone number at a fundraiser, well, that’s Donald being a straight up 10.

But it’s not all fun and games. According to the polls Donald Trump is squarely in 1st place for the Republican nomination. He got there by running a fear-based, anti-immigrant campaign. This last week he went down to the border, wore a terrible hat, and continued to promote his super-awesome TRUMP WALL (TM).

This week’s Trump Score: -2

But it’s not all bad news. Yesterday a Federal District Court Judge delivered a major blow to the Administration’s family detention policies. This should be good news for Matthew and all this liberal, hippy friends who think “detaining” “women” and “children” is a “bad idea.”

Speaking of Matthew, he won a big case yesterday and you should all congratulate him. For real. Nice work.

Last week Democratic presidential candidates Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders were shouted down by Black Lives Matter activists. My feelings on this have evolved over the last few days. At first I felt like the criticism of the candidates (especially Bernie Sanders) was a bit unfair, and as progressives we should be careful about division amongst our ranks.

But what was the outcome here? O’Malley, Sanders, and even Clinton immediately began talking about Black Lives Matter. So it worked. They were compelled to respond to the controversy surrounding the arrest and death of Sandra Bland. These politicians do not answer to these issues unless we absolutely force them to. So much respect to Black Lives Matter, an important movement at an important time.

REDIRECT: Evenwel v. Abbott and More

chemerinskyThis week the one and only Erwin Chemerinsky joins us to talk about Evenwel v. Abbott, a Supreme Court case with huge implications for the immigrant community.

Professor Chemerinsky was very kind, and (spoiler alert) he said he’d be happy to come back “any time.” Sorry, Matthew. I think I found a new co-host. :-/

In the interview I mention a Yakima City Councilman, Dave Ettl, who wrote this piece about how only U.S. Citizens should be counted when drawing districts. He says it’s a simple question of math. Not so fast, says Professor Chemerinsky.

A few weeks ago Donald Trump was hilarious. It seems like now he’s just depressing. Sure, there’s this:


But then there’s this:

A guy says some racist stuff, gets catapulted to #1 in the polls, and suddenly everyone is comfortable coming out and being dramatically racist. Steve King never really had a problem with that in the first place, but there’s something terribly, terribly depressing about watching the immigration debate go from “How many of the 12 million deserve a path to citizenship?” to “What percentage of Mexicans are actually rapists?”
What’s not depressing is when Louie Gohmert talks about ISIS training camps south of the border. I feel like ISIS: Mexico deserves it’s own nickname. MexSIS? ISICO? I dunno. Just spit-balling here.

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REDIRECT: Obamensty v. The Apocalypse: Which comes first?

On this week’s Redirect, Immigration Law and Perspectives, we discuss Obama’s huge victories (that he had nothing to do with) and his longstanding, steadfast support of LBGT issues. Like that time he was running for President and he said he was against gay marriage.

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump do battle in this week’s Golden Cantaloupe. Ted Cruz admits to having committed a CIMT, but you should all chuckle about it because he refused to snitch on his friends.


Matthew Archambeault, Philadelphia, PA–

The American Immigration Lawyers Association, AILA, invited Cecilia Munoz to be our keynote speaker at our annual convention. I just noticed I wrote “our” but there is good reason for it. I am a part of AILA and have held the organization in somewhat high esteem, especially lately due in large part to our members inspiring work to not only represent the families victimized by the Obama administration by their immoral family detention policy, but at our work in trying to end the practice all together. My admiration for our organization has taken a big hit with the announcement that Cecilia Munoz will be our keynote speaker at our largest event of the year.

Don’t know who Cecilia Munoz is? Read the announcement of her speech off of the AILA website:

Staff Portrait  of Cecilia Nunez October 23, 2009. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)

Staff Portrait of Cecilia Nunez October 23, 2009.
(Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)

The Honorable Cecilia Muñoz will deliver the keynote address at the June 17-20 Annual Conference on Immigration Law. Ms. Muñoz is the Assistant to the President and Director of the Domestic Policy Council.

Prior to her current position, Ms. Muñoz served as Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, where she oversaw the Obama administration’s relationships with state and local governments.

Before joining the Obama administration, Ms. Muñoz served as Senior Vice President for the Office of Research, Advocacy, and Legislation at the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the nation’s largest Latino civil rights organization. She supervised NCLR’s policy staff covering a variety of issues of importance to the Latino community, including civil rights, employment, poverty, farmworker issues, education, health, housing, and immigration. Her particular area of expertise is immigration policy, which she covered at NCLR for 20 years.

Wow! That sounds great! Now, listen to this:

Yea….what the f…..? Let me break it down for the one non-immigration lawyer who may be reading (thanks, Mom!). Munoz is pushing out a few false narratives here. First is that these refugees we saw flooding the border last summer from Central America had no claims for asylum or other humanitarian relief and would simply lose their cases and be sent back. These refugees are winning, in large part to AILA’s efforts (listen to our last podcast with Stephen Manning). We are winning these cases and Ms. Munoz’s claims on this point was both wrong and extremely prejudicial.

Second, she is trying to scare people by stating that we only see the kids who survive. Yes, it’s a dangerous journey, but let’s not pretend that it’s something it is not. Munoz’s words are intended to convey a more grave situation of danger than actually exists so she can justify the administration’s actions. This is actually kind of sick, if you ask me, especially when you witness the way the administration treats the refugees once they are here.

Other than the false narratives Munoz is pushing, she articulates the goal of deterrence of future refugees by attempting to deport them as quickly as possible. She believes this is the proper way to address this so called problem. The administration’s position is that the problem is that the refugees are showing up here on our soil and not that root problem that caused them to leave their countries in the first place. The problem is optics and not the human cost.

This brings me to the most offensive thing about this video and that is Andrea Mitchell. It is no secret that Andrea Mitchell is a liberal who cheer leads for Democratic causes and this White House. Her problem with the whole situation is that Obama did not act quickly enough and now the whole thing looks bad. It’s bad optics she says more than once. Mitchell is not concerned with the refugees and their human struggle; she is concerned that Obama is looking bad. The optics of poor women and children crowded in the hierelas pulled at Mitchell’s heart strings, but she was feeling sad for Obama. She thought, “Geesh, this makes him look bad. Why isn’t he just deporting them and getting them out of here? Clean up this mess.” At least Glenn Beck went down there and gave them teddy bears and soccer balls.

Now we get back to AILA. AILA does amazing work but those at the top are concerned with the optics. They are concerned with Obama looking good or at least not being embarrassed. They are concerned with them looking as good as they can when they are near the corridors of power, especially when those in power are democrats.

AILA announced the appearance of Munoz under the banner of “Late Breaking News” indicating the decision was recently made, which would have been well after we all knew of the despicable way the Obama administration was treating these refugees from Central America, including the children with Munoz being the main administration advocate on this issue. We don’t know who or how the decision was made because the only one from AILA to speak on this matter has been Crystal Williams, the Executive Director. She first claimed that AILA chose Munoz in order to be held accountable by our membership and just yesterday it was announced, that due to time constraints, Munoz would not be fielding any questions from our members. The accountability excuse was clear bullshit when it was first floated and confirmed by Williams recent announcement about no questions. At least Williams had the courage to address this issue, the Executive Committee hides and says nothing. They don’t want to risk getting the powers to be upset with them and who can blame them….oh yea, I can.

Crystal Williams encouraged everyone to attend and to wear buttons saying #EndFamilyDetention…because hash tags on buttons have proven to be the most effective form of civil disobedience, even more powerful then hunger strikes. #GhandiNeverHadAHashTagButton She also said we would all be polite. Well, I’m not going to be there but I encourage everyone not to be polite. Ms. Munoz does not deserve politeness. The optics may be bad for us if we are impolite, but when mothers and children are being tortured by this administration, manners should be suspended, optics be damned.

REDIRECT: Attorneys as Activists

We learn some important things this week.

Stephen Manning joins us to talk about activism as attorneys. It turns out there’s lots of ways to help, so why not do your part? You can always start by using the Innovation Law Lab for all your client tracking needs. I do, and it’s amazing.

(Also, it’s time for Stephen M. to get some hold music. Seriously.)

We also talk to Dan Cadman, former INS/ICE Official who is now working for the think-tank CIS. Turns out we agree on some things, but for all the wrong reasons.


Don’t worry, Rick’s got this.

Rick Perry is running for President, so we’ll finally have someone to protect us against those border-crossing Ukrainians. Also running is South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham. Hey, remember way back when in 2013 when Republicans were saying crazy things like, “We should probably do immigration reform”? Those were the days.

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Golden Cantaloupe Nominee: Ann Coulter

CantaloupeButtonThe Golden Cantaloupe is a prestigious award handed out every two weeks to a presumably serious person who says the most offensive, ignorant, and preferably hilarious thing about immigration. The patron saint of the Golden Cantaloupe is Iowa Congressman Steve King.

Ann Coulter is the ultimate right wing troll. She seems more interested in the reaction than the substance of what she’s saying. I saw an interview she did recently with Univision journalist and handsome man Jorge Ramos in which she said some pretty inflammatory things.

Indeed, Golden Cantaloupe worthy things.

However, I thought better of responding. “That’s exactly what she wants,” he said to himself intelligently. “She wants you to react. Your attention gives her power.”

But then yesterday I went to Costco and I found this:

Hardbound Hate Speech

Hardbound Hate Speech

Yes, I know that Costco isn’t above selling silly books. When Bill O’Reilly “writes” a book about the killing of some famous person you’re pretty much guaranteed to find it at the big box store. But Ann Coulter’s new book ¡Adios, America! is a special kind of stupid. It’s hate speech, and it’s selling.

Coulter calls the Hispanic culture “deficient” and compares Mexicans to ISIS. These are ramblings normally reserved for the crazy AM talk radio caller who even Rush Limbaugh will try and cut off. So take a listen to what Ann has to say and never forget that entire races of people cannot be “deficient” but terrible, hateful individuals can be.