REDIRECT: The War on Legal Immigration

This week we’re joined by Charles Kuck, former president of AILA and the host of some other immigration podcast (….The Immigration Hour) to discuss the important issues of today, including the Pee Tape (PT), whether Charles is still a republican, and the ongoing assault on legal immigration. Yes, that’s right: LEGAL immigration.

There is an all out war on legal immigration. Day by day, the Trump administration implements policies and practices that make it harder to immigrate to the United States. From big changes, like ending TPS, to small things, like making the forms more complicated, all done with a single goal in mind: eliminate legal immigration.

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REDIRECT: Open Borders

This week we’re joined by David Bennion, an immigration attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to talk open borders. He recounts his harrowing encounter with border patrol as he crossed from Idaho into Utah.

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REDIRECT: Denaturalized

This week I’m joined by Matthew Hoppock (fake Matthew), an incredible immigration attorney out of Kansas City, to discuss Trump’s new denaturalization task force. Are people really being stripped of their citizenship? Who are they going after, and why? Also, the Army is quietly discharging immigrant recruits who have been promised citizenship. We discuss what’s going on in the military.