The Twitter Campaign

August 23, 2016

Donald Trump has had a long presence on Twitter, a platform I honestly don’t get. He’s been tearing it up on twitter for years now while I wouldn’t know how to retweet a tweet if my life depended on it. There can be no doubt that twitter is the dumbest form of communication we currently have…check that, there may be newer and dumber, but I’m just not hip to them, so save all of your “yea, what about [insert your new fangled stupid form of communication here]” for someone else. Being that it’s the dumbest form and Trump has become a master and is now the GOP nominee, one cannot be surprised that his first official campaign ad is essentially a bunch of tweets read by an announcer.


In Hillary Clinton’s America, the system stays rigged against Americans. #Syrianrefugeesfloodin


Illegal immigrants convicted of committing crimes get to stay, collecting Social Security benefits. #skippingtheline #ourborderopen


It’s more of the same #butworse.


Donald Trump’s America is secure. Terrorists and dangerous criminals kept out. #thebordersecure #ourfamiliessafe. #changethatmakesAmericasafeagain

There it is, the entire text of Trump’s new ad on immigration in essentially 4 tweets. This is apparently our level of discourse in this year’s run for the Presidency. Just overlay some gloomy lighting over the first part about Clinton and brighter lighting over the second part about Trump and you have yourself an ad. A dumb ad, but you have your self an ad.

Perhaps we will discuss the contents of this ad some day on the show, but I doubt it. It’s dumb. Clinton is only advocating for a slight increase in Syrian refugees and she has stated that immigrants, undocumented or not, with a criminal conviction should be expeditiously deported without due process, not something we immigration advocates are so happy to hear.

My real issue with the ad is that the level of writing is only a tad above the classic Dick and Jane books. Ultimately I’m disappointed that Trump’s bigotry and racism is not being better presented in the literary sense. He needs help. #WilliamBuckleyRollinginGrave


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