REDIRECT: Can Someone Please Attack Me?

This week Matthew and I discuss the 10th Republican “Debate.” Is Donald Trump the least scary Republican candidate? Also, Erwin Chemerinsky joins us to discuss the legacy of Antonin Scalia, U.S. v. Texas, and Evenwel v. Abbott. He is a genius, and clearly a charitable person for agreeing to come on the show (twice now!). This week’s golden cantaloupe is a show down between David Barton and Wolf Blitzer. Who takes home the prize? Listen and find out.

REDIRECT: Mind Your Ds and Rs

imrs.phpSo all Democrats are awesome on immigration and the Republicans are awful, right? I think that’s the feeling that most people on the left get when it comes to this particular issue. When you look at the lat 30 years, however, most of our clients have been blessed in some way by Reagan’s amnesty and cursed in other ways by Clinton’s 1996 immigration reform. Weird.

hillaryclinton21It turns out that on the Democratic side there’s some real distinctions between candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Those differences were on display during yesterday’s debate. In this week’s episode Matthew and I break down the talking points.