Syrian Refugees and Resettlement

19955This week immigration attorney extraordinaire Hassan Ahmad joins us to talk about the Syrian Refugee crisis and a growing sense of xenophobia in this country. We discuss congress’s recent efforts to “slow” the refugee resettlement process, proposals to screen Syrian refugees for Christian bona fides, and more.

Ted Cruz forgets he’s running for President and accidentally films a WWF promo video.

Dr. Ben Carson got his PhD despite failing his freshman undergrad class Analogies 101. I’d tell him to say it to my face, except there’s a chance he might actually try to stab me.

Texas Congressman Brian Babin points out that baby Jesus wasn’t wearing a suicide vest. Touche, Congressman, touche.

Walls v. Barriers

We’re back with another mediocre podcast (You’re welcome, world)! This week, Ben Carson swears he tried a kill a guy, and the “lame stream” media is out to smear him by saying he’s actually always been a pretty nice guy. Typical liberals!

IMG_4815Ben Carson also comes out strong against those “scientists” who suggest that aliens built the pyramids. Not so fast, science! Ben Carson has his own ideas.

Look, at the end of the day these kinds of “gotcha” questions should not get in the way of our decision making. We should take a long hard look at Dr. Carson’s actual policies and–oh my god his policies are just as bad.

The Republican candidates squared off earlier this week at the Fox Business News “Debate” (a.k.a. “Republican Talking Point Trade Show”). Donald Trump invoked “Operation Wetback,” a program that resulted in mass civil and human rights abuses and the deportation of hundreds of U.S. Citizens. So naturally he got a big applause.

But don’t worry folks! For all of you who are sick and tired of hearing about Trump’s beautiful border wall, Hillary Clinton is here with an alternative! Border barriers!

CantaloupeButtonThis week’s Golden Cantaloupe is a gaping you-know-what (keeping this PG). His name is Kevin Swanson and (spoiler alert) you do not want to invite him to your gay wedding.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon

Renowned brain surgeon and presidential hopeful Ben Carson has recently seen a serious surge in his poll numbers, challenging the GOP front runner Donald Trump in key primary states. With the increase in popularity has come growing scrutiny over claims Carson has made about his past, and criticism of his interior decorating skills:


Carson has not taken the scrutiny well, claiming that questions about his past are a byproduct of the “liberal media,” and insisting that President Obama did not face such scrutiny when he was running for office (You know, except for this, this, that, this one, and this other time). But Carson isn’t trying to defend himself against claims that he wasn’t born in the United States, that he’s a secret muslim, or some kind of Al Qaeda Manchurian candidate, rather, the story he is desperate to defend goes something like this:

For Carson, this is a story of redemption and change. For others, it’s a story of attempted murder. Either way, it turns out journalists have had a hard time finding anyone from Carson’s past who ever witnessed this kind of rage. This would normally seem like the perfect out. After all, attempted murder is generally frowned upon in our society. But calling this narrative into question undermines Carson’s entire redemption story, and to a greater degree, his honesty. So, as a result, he’s doubled down. He absolutely was, without a doubt, one belt buckle away from murder (and don’t let the liberal media tell you otherwise).

But you hardly need to look into things Carson said 20 years ago, or his behavior as a youth to find perfectly good reasons why he should not be president. Here’s Carson in August, suggesting we should use militarized drones to blow up smugglers on the border:

Now, Carson does not have an official immigration platform on his website, so he apparently hasn’t had time to flesh out these ideas, but suffice to say this is probably one of the cruelest positions on immigration that has been articulated so far. So while it’s true that a little bit of digging will sometimes turn up lies, misrepresentations, and bad taste in art, with most of these candidates you don’t need to look any further than their actual policy ideas to realize just how unqualified they really are.