REDIRECT: Donald Trump’s Immigration Dystopia

Donald Trump has some “big” ideas when it comes to immigration. Those “ideas” face some nearly-impossible obstacles when it comes to implementation, but what would the result look like if we assumed he could accomplish what he wants? Big, expensive government, and gross, ugly xenophobia. IMG_4304

Yes, listening to Trump and his supporters is enough to make one yearn for less-racist days of yesterday past, when Rick Perry and Sean Hannity rode along the Rio Grande with their frat-boy backwards hats and totally rad sunglasses. 5yh2Qeg-1

Indeed, Donald Trump is ultimately the benefactor of the racist foundation laid by the Republicans who came before him. People who wonder where this is coming from, or what it is he has managed to “tap in to” have not been paying attention.

REDIRECT: Pimps, Prostitutes and Illegals

This week Matthew and I sit down to digest last week’s Republican debate. Spoiler alert: it gave us indigestion.

Here’s the Donald Face (TM) I mention. This is the face Trump thinks smart people make when they’re thinking about things and being super serious:


You’ve got to furrow your brow, make a kind of duck face, and nod incessantly. Brilliant.

Also, Dan Cadman from CIS joins us to talk this recent report.

Dan says that lack of cultural assimilation by immigrants is a serious problem. They don’t really have a way to quantify that, nor is there any evidence to suggest it’s true, nor is there any evidence to suggest it’s even important, but it’s something we should all be scared and worried about for sure.