We learn some important things this week.

Stephen Manning joins us to talk about activism as attorneys. It turns out there’s lots of ways to help, so why not do your part? You can always start by using the Innovation Law Lab for all your client tracking needs. I do, and it’s amazing.

(Also, it’s time for Stephen M. to get some hold music. Seriously.)

We also talk to Dan Cadman, former INS/ICE Official who is now working for the think-tank CIS. Turns out we agree on some things, but for all the wrong reasons.


Don’t worry, Rick’s got this.

Rick Perry is running for President, so we’ll finally have someone to protect us against those border-crossing Ukrainians. Also running is South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham. Hey, remember way back when in 2013 when Republicans were saying crazy things like, “We should probably do immigration reform”? Those were the days.

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