Spoiler Alert: For Profit Prisons

May 13, 2015

America is addicted to lots of things. There’s football, for starters. Fast food. Patting itself on the back.

Oh, and locking people up. Typically when you hear folks cheer, “We’re number one!” they don’t follow it up with “at mass incarceration!” But it turns out that would be perfectly appropriate.

Yes, jails and prisons and detention centers serve perfectly valid and important functions. No one is suggesting that Ted Bundy or Timothy McVeigh be sent home with an ankle bracelet. But what happens when we mix locking people up with profit motive? What happens when maximizing prison populations also means maximizing profits?

So next week we’ll be talking about for profit prisons. Join in the conversation, leave a comment below, or on our Facebook page. Remember to subscribe on iTunes and to leave a (nice) review. See you soon!

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