Cesar Chavez Day

March 31, 2015

Happy Cesar Chavez Day. No, you don’t have the day off. That only happens when celebrating super important genocidal maniacs like Columbus. So read this post but then get right back to the grind of a job you probably hate or resent or both.

There will be no barbecues or super smash savings sales at the mall. Most people aren’t totally sure who Cesar Chavez. You mean Cesar Chavez, like the boulevard? The street has its own day? Confusion abounds.

Cesar Chavez was important. Google him. There’s even a movie. At this point you’re running out of excuses frankly.

We should all take a few minutes today to think about the injustices in our community. What are they? Why are they happening? But the follow up question is perhaps the most important: what are we doing about it? Are we putting true pressure on the establishment? Are we making it uncomfortable for those at the top to continue in their abusive practice, whatever that might be?

How can we learn from Cesar Chavez and become better advocates in our daily lives?

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