Episode 18 is our latest and greatest episode. We got new podcast equipment and no idea how to use it. (ok…Stephen has figured it out….I think….) On this episode we talk about the passing of one of my favorite politicians of all time, Mario Cuomo. He was a great governor and should have been President or at least a Supreme Court Justice.

Je suis Charlie! That’s all the rage after the horrific attacks in Paris last week. We discuss this…well, we begin to discuss this as it is pretty clear the ramifications from this story will be with us for some time.

We were going to talk to a super cool immigration attorney, Annie Schwartz, from a super cool law school but one thing led to another, directions go all fouled up and well….we will talk to her soon. Look her up. She’s cool.

We were able to talk to someone from the ACLU…yep, can you believe it? A reputable, national organization actually agreed to talk to us. Well, talk to me….Stephen had super important lawyery stuff to do so he didn’t have time to talk to ACLU attorney extraordinaire, Lindsay Nash.

We talked about family detention and Stephen had me ask her why the ACLU was trying to destroy Amurica. Lindsay has been around to all the super fancy and nice family prisons…detention….let’s call them family retreats and tells us about how nice they are.

Anyways, that was basically our show. You can click here or over there…just click an listen.

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