We have been looking all over for a moderate muslim to have on our show so they could condemn and apologize for the actions of the extremist muslims in Paris and we think we may have found one. We wanted to have Hassan Ahmed on but he was booked. Dude looks super cool, but we had to settle for Hassan Ahmad. Turns out he’s a great attorney, and he will (hopefully) apologize and condemn all bad acts by muslims over the years, especially algebra.

We will also talk to super great attorneys, Robert Gibbs and Neha Vyas from Gibbs, Houston and Pauw out of Seattle, WA. They’re coming on the show because anyone who coins the phrase “apathetic talons of the SF Asylum Office” deserves to be heard. It’s easy to throw your hands up in frustration when you find yourself bogged down in the quagmire that is “immigration.” Robert and Neha decided to sue, and (spoiler alert) they won.

We also randomly talk about stuff that has been in the news and we will be bringing back the Golden Cantaloupe.