Terrorism…in the eyes of the beholder (really just muslim dudes)

October 24, 2014

Yesterday Zale Thompson attacked a group of people with a hatchet in Queens and was shot dead by two NYC police officer. I know what you’re thinking, I hate Queens, too and that must have been some crazy, mentally disturbed individual. Well, your feelings about Queens is valid but you are wrong about Zale being some mentally disturbed individual, he’s a terrorist. See, Zale is a muslim and that automatically elevates him from crazy guy with a hatchet to a jihadist.  Read about the jihadist here:


About a month ago in northeast Pennsylvania Eric Frein ambushed then shot and killed a Pennsylvania State Trooper. Since that time he has been hiding out in the thick woods of the Poconos. Frein is a survivalist and spent his free time reenacting military battles. Two obvious things come to mind here, the Poconos are beautiful and Frein must be some kind of terrorist. I mean this dude has Northeast PA locked down. He’s out there in the woods with guns and is threatening to kill even more law enforcement officers. Schools have been cancelled because of him. If you think he’s a terrorist, you’re wrong. He’s not a muslim. There has been no reporting on his religion, but rest assured, he’s not a muslim. Read about the non-terrorist here:


I invite you to read the comments. Oh, these two stories come from one of my favorite web sites, www.theblaze.com. Compare the two comments and you will see one thing in common and one thing that is disparate. The thing in common is that both of these are probably Obama’s fault and the thing that is disparate is that one is clearly terrorism and the other is somewhat heroic and understandable. After you are done reading the comments it is advisable to bathe.

So, to recap, crazy dude with a hatchet is a terrorist because he’s a muslim. Crazy dude with guns is not a terrorist because he is not  a muslim.

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