October 7, 2014

You were wondering…ok, maybe it was just me, but I was wondering when the mass media would successfully mash together all the scariest and dog whistlily (my word) subjects together in order to reach the super orgasm of fear.  Now Fox News would be the obvious choice but CNN pulled it off slightly faster and slight dumber than even Fox. Mind you, Fox News has Fox and Friends on in the morning and their line up of dumb so they had an inherent advantage, but CNN did it.

CNN called Ebola the ISIS of infectious diseases and while Fox seems to be having a hard time finding a medical expert to give credence to their stupidity CNN found Dr. Alexander Garza, an Associate Dean of Public Health from the University of St. Louis to support theirs.  The CNN host stated that Ebola was the ISIS of infectious diseases and then stated that her description was really scary and asked for a reaction.  Dr. Garza, for some reason, didn’t fall off his chair from laughter.  He actually agreed and said Ebola was just like ISIS because it infects people and they die and ISIS attacks people and they die…so…same same.  Seriously, this is too stupid to write about.  Listen to the interview, look out the window into a dreary landscape covered in dust and dead leaves and contemplate how the world got so stupid.

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