Terrorism…in the eyes of the beholder (really just muslim dudes)

Yesterday Zale Thompson attacked a group of people with a hatchet in Queens and was shot dead by two NYC police officer. I know what you’re thinking, I hate Queens, too and that must have been some crazy, mentally disturbed individual. Well, your feelings about Queens is valid but you are wrong about Zale being some mentally disturbed individual, he’s a terrorist. See, Zale is a muslim and that automatically elevates him from crazy guy with a hatchet to a jihadist.  Read about the jihadist here:


About a month ago in northeast Pennsylvania Eric Frein ambushed then shot and killed a Pennsylvania State Trooper. Since that time he has been hiding out in the thick woods of the Poconos. Frein is a survivalist and spent his free time reenacting military battles. Two obvious things come to mind here, the Poconos are beautiful and Frein must be some kind of terrorist. I mean this dude has Northeast PA locked down. He’s out there in the woods with guns and is threatening to kill even more law enforcement officers. Schools have been cancelled because of him. If you think he’s a terrorist, you’re wrong. He’s not a muslim. There has been no reporting on his religion, but rest assured, he’s not a muslim. Read about the non-terrorist here:


I invite you to read the comments. Oh, these two stories come from one of my favorite web sites, www.theblaze.com. Compare the two comments and you will see one thing in common and one thing that is disparate. The thing in common is that both of these are probably Obama’s fault and the thing that is disparate is that one is clearly terrorism and the other is somewhat heroic and understandable. After you are done reading the comments it is advisable to bathe.

So, to recap, crazy dude with a hatchet is a terrorist because he’s a muslim. Crazy dude with guns is not a terrorist because he is not  a muslim.

The Toxicity of an Immigration Prison

Getting out of the car the air hits you like a wet, soiled blanket. The smell is almost impossible to describe other than it’s a little worse than awful. It is almost like sulfur, but with a harder, more acidic edge. It’s a smell you would expect to smell if you were in a rancid, dungeon in a horror movie. It’s the kind of smell that wraps you up, enveloping your body and your soul. The smell is found outside the Essex County Correctional Facility in Newark, NJ. A facility gently placed amongst factories who are obviously making chemical weapons for Satan.

Essex, as I will refer to it, is a correctional facility that houses persons convicted of criminal offenses serving their sentences. For these persons it’s a jail, a prison, a correctional facility, if you will. For my clients, those being detained there by ICE, it’s a detention center. The first group is being punished and my clients, and those liked them are merely being detained and held to ensure their compliance with our civil immigration laws. Now, they may be eating lunch right next to a prisoner, but they are really a detainee. The prisoner is being punished and the detainee is simply being detained. An absurdity without a distinction.

I have represented scores of immigrants detained…ok…I’m going to start calling it what it is, imprisoned over the years. Typically they are not in jail for very long as they mostly will either be bonded out or deported, but there are, at times, those who will spend a considerable amount of time in jail. It is fascinating to witness the change of these individuals over time.

I have a client at Essex who was thrown in there back in June. He has a prior order of deportation so he’s not eligible for a bond. He is afraid to go back to his country so we are in the process of having his claim adjudicated and he is also applying for a U visa as a victim of a crime. In short, his U visa application will be approved and he will either be able to immigrate back to the US if deported or allowed to stay here upon approval. He has a wife and three children, a steady job and a minimal criminal record. He is neither a flight risk nor a danger to the community, but his release has not yet been approved.

I will call him, Jason, for the purpose of this tale. When I first met Jason he was extremely anxious, but optimistic about being able to be released. He was scared for sure, but believed he would be released and was somewhat impatient. After explaining the process and the fact that ICE can work slow and that we had many challenges with his case he began to level out.

I visited him a few weeks later and by then he realized that his release was not imminent and contrary to his prior belief, he believed his physical removal to his home country was inevitable and imminent. On this visit I had to reassure him that neither of those two beliefs were reasonable at this point in time. At this visit he was clearly much more agitated than he was on our first visit. His eyes would not focus and the level of trust that he exhibited at the onset seemed to be quickly dissipating.

About a month later I visited Jason again and he opened up and began to share much more of his story with me, which was helpful for his developing the fear he had of return to his country. On this visit I saw clearly that he was terrified to be returned to his country. His fear was no longer a convenience to keep him with his family, it was as palpable and bitter as the air outside the walls that confined him, tormented him and in a way, protected him. His trust level was back and though scared, he exhibited a determination that he had yet to demonstrate.

I just visited him yesterday and Jason was inquisitive about the progress of his case and understanding about how long it was taking. He had begun working in the jail and his job actually brought him outside of the facility to county offices as a cleaning crew. Being able to travel outside meant interaction with non-jail persons and best of all, outside food. It also kept his mind occupied and he seemed sharper and dare, I say, happier. Jason told me that he had gotten used to life inside there and while he it wasn’t ideal, it was survivable at the moment. He had fallen into a routine and had come to accept a very unreasonable situation.

I expect Jason to be released relatively soon as his case is progressing in such a manner. While Jason is adapting well, his family is suffering. Jason’s wife looks like a zombie and their children are emotionally breaking down.

The air inside Essex is normal, while the air outside is toxic. In this case and many others, the same can be said about the prisoners. Those on the inside fall into a normal routine becoming calm and resigned to their situation, much like the air on the inside. Their loved ones on the outside begin to breakdown, becoming toxic like the air right outside of Essex. Hopefully Jason will be released soon and him and his loved ones can be far away from the toxic air of Essex and rebuild their lives together.

Correlation Infestation

Guess what happens every year in the fall.  Lots of thing happen in the fall, like football, kids go back to school, the weather turns colder, leaves change and people start to get the flu.  There are a lot of other things that happen in the fall, but lets keep the list simple. Not surprisingly this year people are getting the flu in the fall. This year has seen a seemingly new virus strand called enterovirus D68. It’s scary because young children are dying from it. Now, young children die every year from the flu, but this year seemingly more than others. As a parent of two young children, one in elementary school, this virus has not gone unnoticed. We should be concerned and we have advised our daughter about the importance of washing her hands and other sanitary tips to help protect her from the virus. However, just being scared of the enterovirus D68 is not enough for those on the right, they need a multiplier. They need a reason and the obvious reason for the spread of the virus are the refugee children from Central America.

It only makes sense if you are some sort of asshole with a racist agenda against immigrant children from Central America. These kids come to the US and then once the fall flu season starts, this new, mysterious virus appears, killing US blond hair, blue eyed kids. These brown kids must have some type of secret immunity, probably implanted into them by Obama, that keeps them safe. Now the fact that this particular strain was discovered in Michigan in 1987 in no way concerns assholes like Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and Pat Robertson. They have an agenda to advance. Read through this from Media Matters and enjoy the stupidity in their own words:


So, we have those on the right finding a correlation between refugee kids and an outbreak of a virus that originated in the US almost 30 years ago. The thing is that they know there is no correlation. They can’t be that dumb. Of course, they will say they are only asking questions. That is what they do.  Limbaugh: “Obama will not tell anybody where all of the children that have crossed the border in the last four months have been relocated to … Now, are the two stories related or are they not?  Does this sweeping mysterious virus that’s multiplying across the Midwest, does it have anything to do with that or not? We don’t know. That’s the answer. We just don’t know. But some people think there may be some kind of a connection.” See, he’s not saying it’s true.  Just asking questions.

So, is Limbaugh a racist? Does him asking questions the way he does make him a racist? Do they make him a fear monger? We don’t know…but some people think there may be some kind of correlation.


You were wondering…ok, maybe it was just me, but I was wondering when the mass media would successfully mash together all the scariest and dog whistlily (my word) subjects together in order to reach the super orgasm of fear.  Now Fox News would be the obvious choice but CNN pulled it off slightly faster and slight dumber than even Fox. Mind you, Fox News has Fox and Friends on in the morning and their line up of dumb so they had an inherent advantage, but CNN did it.


CNN called Ebola the ISIS of infectious diseases and while Fox seems to be having a hard time finding a medical expert to give credence to their stupidity CNN found Dr. Alexander Garza, an Associate Dean of Public Health from the University of St. Louis to support theirs.  The CNN host stated that Ebola was the ISIS of infectious diseases and then stated that her description was really scary and asked for a reaction.  Dr. Garza, for some reason, didn’t fall off his chair from laughter.  He actually agreed and said Ebola was just like ISIS because it infects people and they die and ISIS attacks people and they die…so…same same.  Seriously, this is too stupid to write about.  Listen to the interview, look out the window into a dreary landscape covered in dust and dead leaves and contemplate how the world got so stupid.