Sleight of Hand

August 28, 2014

The immigrant community has been hopeful that President Obama would roll out some sort of executive legalization for about, oh, 7 years now. Meanwhile the Obama administration has been promising bold and progressive measures if Congress doesn’t get its act together on immigration (spoiler alert: they won’t). This seems like a match made in heaven: millions of people who need help, and a man with the power, authority, and the will (allegedly) to do so. 

And so we read articles like this one, and this one, and don’t forget this one over here. Plus these, and those, and some other ones. Did I mention this one, and that? There are articles from 3 hours ago and hours from 1 month ago that tell the exact same story: Obama is super duper serious about doing something on immigration. 

What is he going to do? Well, some say it will be awesome. Others say it will be really awesome. And he’s really serious about it this time. For real. 

Meanwhile, what is the administration actually doing on immigration? Well, there was that time last month when they asked for 2 billion dollars to help expedite the deportation of refugee-seeking children at the border. They’ve opened a make-shift detention center in the middle of nowhere so they can detain women and children while their cases are being expeditiously denied. Due process? Not for these folks. 

So while our immigration system continues to fracture families, detain the innocent, and ship children back to their death, we’ve all been distracted to some degree by the oldest trick in the book, a sleight of hand. 

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